/* PRIVILÉGIOS DE SÍSIFO 反对 一 切 現代性に対して - 風想像力: Sub-atomic short stories

PRIVILÉGIOS DE SÍSIFO 反对 一 切 現代性に対して - 風想像力

LES PRIVILÉGES DE SISYPHE - SISYPHUS'PRIVILEGES - LOS PRIVILÉGIOS DE SÍSIFO - 風想像力 CONTRA CONTRE AGAINST MODERNISM Gegen Modernität CONTRA LA MODERNITÁ E FALSO CAVIARE SAIAM DA AUTOESTRADA FLY WITH WHOMEVER YOU CAN SORTEZ DE LA QUEUE Contra Tudo : De la Musique Avant Toute Chose: le Retour de la Poèsie comme Seule Connaissance ou La Solitude Extréme du Dandy Ibérique - Ensaios de uma Altermodernidade すべてに対して


Sub-atomic short stories

He had the utmost care to avoid his own genius. On other hand the figure of the idiot seduced him immensely - he compared it to the night, to a storm, to a vanishing cloud. He tried to become that ultimate inner clown or - epistemological juggler - that laughes at our fits of self-importance. Nihil novum sub sole? Perhaps he was just searching for a new way of saying nihil novum.

And he came out with this one: Fearing immortality is the terrible burden of the immortals.


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