/* PRIVILÉGIOS DE SÍSIFO 反对 一 切 現代性に対して - 風想像力: Unfair State of a Multitude of Things

PRIVILÉGIOS DE SÍSIFO 反对 一 切 現代性に対して - 風想像力

LES PRIVILÉGES DE SISYPHE - SISYPHUS'PRIVILEGES - LOS PRIVILÉGIOS DE SÍSIFO - 風想像力 CONTRA CONTRE AGAINST MODERNISM Gegen Modernität CONTRA LA MODERNITÁ E FALSO CAVIARE SAIAM DA AUTOESTRADA FLY WITH WHOMEVER YOU CAN SORTEZ DE LA QUEUE Contra Tudo : De la Musique Avant Toute Chose: le Retour de la Poèsie comme Seule Connaissance ou La Solitude Extréme du Dandy Ibérique - Ensaios de uma Altermodernidade すべてに対して


Unfair State of a Multitude of Things

It's amazing how the things we want changed once they change don't change really much.

Thus when some séducteur (usually politicians are playboys with the masses) comes along promising change, change, it's better to prepare to more of the same.

There are a lot of men with little penises in the government: they however, extend it: they foster the building of a lot of highways, towers and airports and new trains.

Building a lot compensates for the failure of penis enlargement. As phalic substitutes towers and skyswrapers are quite poor, but they are impressive.

I never ate well in any airport, and ate even worst in every plane. Maybe it would be better to fast to travel fast.

Airports are ephemeral churches endowed with treasures of plastic. A million eyes spy us, a million legs ignore us.

Deodorant is to kill bad smell, but usually bad smell kills the deodorant, growing exponentially. I suspect that bad smell grows much more because of the deodorant. As such we are in the era of growing bad smell.

French people are very lousy with higiene, but undoubtedly they have the best perfumes in the world. Would they had them if they were very higienic like the Finns? (But no one has ever heard about a Finnish perfume)

Most people ignore how to be born. Then they don't know what to do with their lives. And worst of all they ignore how to die.

The difficulty of dying it's probably innate in makind, but it is dying.


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