/* PRIVILÉGIOS DE SÍSIFO 反对 一 切 現代性に対して - 風想像力: OBAMOPATHY

PRIVILÉGIOS DE SÍSIFO 反对 一 切 現代性に対して - 風想像力

LES PRIVILÉGES DE SISYPHE - SISYPHUS'PRIVILEGES - LOS PRIVILÉGIOS DE SÍSIFO - 風想像力 CONTRA CONTRE AGAINST MODERNISM Gegen Modernität CONTRA LA MODERNITÁ E FALSO CAVIARE SAIAM DA AUTOESTRADA FLY WITH WHOMEVER YOU CAN SORTEZ DE LA QUEUE Contra Tudo : De la Musique Avant Toute Chose: le Retour de la Poèsie comme Seule Connaissance ou La Solitude Extréme du Dandy Ibérique - Ensaios de uma Altermodernidade すべてに対して



So one of the wizards' apprentices won (and also the messianic complex). Relying in one man to effect change is effectively disempowering yourself. Thus my applause is cynical. Bovine masses do not appeal to me. Popular acclaim is always wrong. Amerika too infantile to be true, too true to be infantile, is out there jumping in the streets. All the roads to OZ are brick layered, that's the problem. Too many brick heads pave the way to Washington DC.

Miguel Drummond de Castro (honorary member of the Talking Heads, and Constable of Profane Perculators Co)

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