/* PRIVILÉGIOS DE SÍSIFO 反对 一 切 現代性に対して - 風想像力: Stop Palin's Attack On Beluga Whales

PRIVILÉGIOS DE SÍSIFO 反对 一 切 現代性に対して - 風想像力

LES PRIVILÉGES DE SISYPHE - SISYPHUS'PRIVILEGES - LOS PRIVILÉGIOS DE SÍSIFO - 風想像力 CONTRA CONTRE AGAINST MODERNISM Gegen Modernität CONTRA LA MODERNITÁ E FALSO CAVIARE SAIAM DA AUTOESTRADA FLY WITH WHOMEVER YOU CAN SORTEZ DE LA QUEUE Contra Tudo : De la Musique Avant Toute Chose: le Retour de la Poèsie comme Seule Connaissance ou La Solitude Extréme du Dandy Ibérique - Ensaios de uma Altermodernidade すべてに対して


Stop Palin's Attack On Beluga Whales

Center for Biological Diversity

Stop Palin's Attack On Beluga Whales

Governor Sarah Palin won't give wildlife a break. Last week, she announced the state of Alaska will sue to strike down Endangered Species Act protection for the imperiled Cook Inlet beluga whale. This rare white whale's population has already plummeted from thousands to just 375 in the last two decades. They will certainly go extinct if Palin has her way.

Our lawyers and scientists are already in court to block Palin's anti-polar bear actions, and we'll soon jump in to save the beluga from her reckless campaign to promote oil & gas interests. But we also need to build a groundswell of public support. Please help us now to protect beluga whales by sending a letter asking the Obama administration to oppose Palin's lawsuit.

January 28, 2009

Protect Cook Inlet Beluga Whales

Dear Dr. Lubchenco,


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